Check Gates

This branch is headed by a Superintendent of Taxes, assisted by Inspectors and ministerial staff.

The Sales Tax Department has 3 Major Check Gates, in the state and these are:

  1. Byrnihat - Ri Bhoi District
  2. Umkiang - Jaintia Hills District
  3. Dainadubi - North Garo Hills District

headed by a Superintendent of Taxes assisted by Inspectors.

The Respective Check gates are:

  1. Ri Bhoi District
    1. Byrnihat Checkgate
    2. Jorabad Sub-Checkgate
    3. Khanapara(Umling) Checkgate
    4. Iewmawroh Checkgate
    5. Umsiang Checkgate
    6. Old Jirang By Pass Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
    7. Bilahari Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
    8. Baklapara Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
    9. Bernongsai Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
    10. Rajakhumai Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
  2. West Khasi Hills District
    1. Athiabari Checkgate
    2. Kyrshai Checkgate (Non- Functioning)
  3. West Jaintia Hills District
    1. Garampani Checkgate
  4. East Jaintia Hills District
    1. Umkiang Checkgate
  5. North Garo Hills District
    1. Bajengdoba Checkgate
    2. Dainadubi Checkgate
    3. Mendipathar Checkgate
  6. West Garo Hills District
    1. Tikrikilla Checkgate
  7. South West Garo Hills District
    1. Garobadha Checkgate