Taxation Department


VAT Notifications

Sl. No. Notification No. Date Subject Download
6 ERTS(E) 3/2022/121 1-June-2022 IMFL rate notification 1.6.2022 View pdf icon (2.7 mb)
5 ERTS(T)24/2016/69 26-Feb-2021 IMFL rate notification 26.02.2021 View pdf icon (2.7 mb)
4 ERTS(T)56/2020/17 3-November-2020 Matter relating to issuance of Retail Lifting Permit for IMFL Products View pdf icon (2.7 mb)
3 ERTS(T)56/2020/12 25-August-2020 payment on IMFL View pdf icon (2.7 mb)
2 ERTS(T)24/2016/58 15-March-2017 IMFL rate notification 15.03.2017 View pdf icon (2.7 mb)
1 ERTS(T)24/2016/51 15-March-2016 IMFL rate notification 15.3.2016 View pdf icon (2.7 mb)